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We understand that when a relationship breaks up your first consideration will always be the children. The breakdown of a relationship is rarely easy, and difficult decisions are often faced in respect of the children.

The issues which most frequently arise are with which parent the child will live and how much time the child spend with the other parent. Disagreements can arise over where the children will be educated, the medical treatment they receive, their religious upbringing and whether they should be allowed to relocate with a parent to another country.

We specialise in resolving such issues with discretion and sensitivity and will steer you through difficult negotiations.

When it is not possible to agree the arrangements for the children, or in an emergency such as abduction, we will act quickly and decisively to protect your children by issuing proceedings to obtain a court order.

Examples of situation in which we can / have assisted:

A Residence Order (where the child is to live);
Assisting with an intervention from social services where the father was said to have physically abused his children
Assisting a father obtain contact to his daughter where paternity was denied and the mother was hostile
Obtaining orders that a family return to live in the US where the mother had misled the father as to her reasons to move to this jurisdiction with their children.

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